Aucanada Beach

Aucanada beach is one of our favourite beaches in Alcudia for a few reasons:
– The quality of the water which is fantastic
– The views overlooking the Bay of Alcudia
– It is quieter than other beaches in Alcudia
– It is a perfect place for snorkelling in the bay of Alcudia

Aucanada beach is not a tourist beach; in fact you will hardly see any tourists, probably because it is far away from the resort. You can see below a few photos of Aucanada Beach:

Sandy or pebble beach?
Aucanada beach is of pebbles with many pine trees that give a special charm and shade to the place.

Views at Aucanada beach:
The views from Aucanada beach are also amazing; to one side we can see the beautiful bay of Alcudia, and to the other side we can see the small islet of Aucanada with its lighthouse.

Aucanada beach is ideal for?
Relaxing time far away from the busy resort of Alcudia.

Around Aucanada beach?
Around Aucanada beach you will find a golf course open all year round. They have a restaurant offering an excellent set menu for lunch. Their terrace has some great views, and it is ideal for a drink.
You find the island of Aucanada with its lighthouse. More info on here

How to get to Aucanada beach?
You can get to Aucanada beach by car, there are many places to park nearby.

Our recommendation is to get there cycling though it is a bit strenuous in July and August due to the warm weather.
A taxi from resort to Aucanada beach will cost you around 7€.
There is also a public bus that goes to Aucanada beach. From the bus stop, there is a 5 minute walk.

Our secrets tips at Aucanada beach?
Tip 1:
You can walk out to the lighthouse of Aucanada, and the water will never cover you. If you want to know how, see the map below.
There you can relax on the small beach or just to walk up to the lighthouse where there are great views. We recommend you to wear shoes because the “bed” is rocky, and to take a plastic bag with you to put inside the belongings.

Tip 2:
If you want to go for a walk or to a more isolated area, there is a path that borders the coast, on the map below; you can see how to get there. You will find 3 spots where to sunbathe and relax. This is a nudist area.
You can walk out to the lighthouse of Aucanada, and the water will never cover you. If you want to know how, see the photo below.

Tip 3:

Along the coast in Aucanada there are many small spots where you can sunbathe and relax. There is also a boat trip that goes along the coast of Aucanada.

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